Why Us

  • featured Courses

    Educational organization has multiple courses according to the tradition and future aspects.

  • Guidance Program

    Our institute provide various resources and guidance support towards future education.

  • Training Programs

    We organize various training programs that enhance practical and experience knowledge.

  • No Limitation

    There is no boundary to take future perspective education to build right career.

  • Event Planning

    We organize career building programs to build student’s confidence and knowledge.

  • Great Support

    We are always provide support in any educational queries and choosing right career.

Dharampeth Education Society caters to the needs of the society, spreading the light of knowledge ushering the students from ignorance to enlightenment. Churning out morally and culturally refined individuals, inclined to the quest of knowledge and developing them into trustworthy.



01/04/1889, a great patriot was born. Yes I am speaking of Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, who has inspired lives of millions and millions. Some of such inspired people are dedicated themselves for the cause of education since the year 1929. I am fortunate to join the association of such selfless people as the President of Dharampeth Education Society.

With the changing times our society has adjusted itself from time to time. A website was launched way back in the year of 2015. With the advancement of technology it was necessary for us to update our website to make it more user friendly as also to make it mobile friendly. We have attempted that and on this day we are launching our website in the new form. I assure that though website will be available in new and attractive form, soul of the institution will never change. Suggestions, recommendations about the site are welcome.

– Adv. Ulhas Aurangabadkar


To become an exemplary 21st century learning intuition, that will meet the highest educational and ethical standards, in a caring, collaborative learning community.


To contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

We are dedicated to the advancement of our society through education and preservations of our traditions, values, customs and spiritual well being of the family


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