Whether it’s a project of women upliftment, self help group, free tuition classes to poor students, monitory help for their school fees, guidance centre, entertaining, games, storytelling, and personality development etc., community service project is an excellent way to bring about change in an overall development of the community. But before grabbing the work gloves, make sure that your project has a specific focus. Here are some ideas to help get the project started.

Special Needs

  • Volunteer at a Special event
  • Work with kids who have special needs on any project.
  • Set up a buddy system with the special needs program at school.
  • Distribute books, school bags, tiffins or other needed materials at a local school or to Kids.
  • Make gifts with friends for kids/citizens in the hospital; distribute Fruits and sweets on special festivals/occasions.
  • Volunteer to read books or newspapers to those who are blind or physically handicapped or illiterate citizens.
  • Visit a local care centre to learn more about those with special needs, and ask how you can help.
  • Recruit some friends or a class to help set up a library at a community hall or at some place.
  • Create a pamphlet that includes helpful tips concerning the respect of and interaction with people who have special needs.
  • Provide your local schools, colleges or library with more books.
  • Arrange some programs which will enhance the life style and morale.
  • Voluntary donations to charitable, social trusts registered for a special cause.
  • To organize Health check up camps, Blood donation camps etc.

Senior Citizens/Women empowerment

  • Write them letters call them, and visit often.
  • Gather friends and create a “shop squad” to pick up groceries and medicine for senior citizens/elderly.
  • Deliver meals and nursing to home bound individuals.
  • Offer to read to people.
  • Teach senior citizens/ladies how to use a computer or the Internet.
  • Call up elderly people who live alone to check if they need anything.
  • Volunteer to help a senior citizen.
  • Help them to start some small project so that they can earn something.
  • We can provide stitching machines or start a stitching coaching class, small Self Help Group for self sufficiency.
  • Night schools for illiterates.