Dharampeth Education Society caters to the needs of the society, spreading the light of knowledge ushering the students from ignorance to enlightenment. Churning out morally and culturally refined individuals, inclined to the quest of knowledge and developing them into trustworthy, industrious and patriotic citizens is the sole aim of this institution. Small sapling planted on August 3, 1937 has flourished into a huge tree branching out into 10 educational institutions with about 9000 students, 365 teachers and 280 administrative staff. We believe in growing together and provide uniform opportunities to all.

Our students not only go on to pursue higher education and find placements in excellent global companies, they have also proved to be brilliant entrepreneurs and representatives of society with ethics and values.

Established in 1937, the Dharampeth Education Society (DES) prides itself on its rich heritage. Based in Nagpur, DES is one of the oldest educational societies in Nagpur and is known for its rich tradition of imparting education while inculcating the essence of culture in its pupils. The society, since then has successfully expanded its reach by establishing various institutions that have striven to achieve academic excellence.

This has been achieved through the foresight, wisdom and dedication of the founders, Executive committee, Members and Staff with a strong emphasis on high standards of academic, professional and societal performance.

They have made unprecedented sacrifice for the this society and the most befitting reward for their inimitable dedication was the magnanimous presence of former President Hon. Dr. A.P.J. Kalam for the golden jubilee celebration.


Objects Of the Society

  • To serve the educational needs such as literacy, Moral, Cultural Physical, Technical etc, of Nagpur, and other places, and with this view to start colleges, schools, Hostels, Libraries, Gymnasium, Study Circles and to institute prizes, scholarships, stipends, etc.
  • To establish and develop advance centres for social and community services, Fine Arts and cultural and dramatics.
  • To undertake and facilitate research in all branches of knowledge and establish institutions for the purpose..
  • To establish Sanskar Kendras for all age groups, for moral ethical and national character.